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HERBIMAR - a company established in 2001 Fajslawice, a place situated in Lubelskie region of Poland. Our company carries on a long-standing tradition in scope of herb cultivation, purchase and processing. We prepare herbal material to produce herbal medicine goods and blends of herbs. According to our Partners needs, we process herbs to obtain half-finished products in various forms (whole, chopped, ground down or threshing).

The main products of our activity are: thyme leaves (thymus vulgaris), horse-chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum), lemon balm (melissa officinalis), sage (salvia officinalis), savoury (satureae), valerian (valeriana officinalis) and oregano (origanum vulgare). Every year we deliver around 1500 tons of herbal materials to our Partners in Poland and all over the world.

Majority of herbal material we obtain from herb plantations, situated in a south-east of Poland. This region is considered to be not only ecologically the cleanest region of the country, but also the traditional herb-growing area. For years we have been cooperating directly with herb plantators. Owing to that, we do have an actual influence on the highest quality of herbal material we obtain. The direct cooperation with farmers as well as efficient methods of production allow us to provide You with  the most competitive prices in Poland. Our motto is the highest quality and possibility to negotiate both prices and conditions of cooperation.

Before herbs are allowed to our unit, we carry out the quality control. When accepted, material are subjected to processes of drying, sorting, threshing or chopping and cleaning. We use specialist equipment (sieves, dust hoovers, stones' detectors, metal detectors, etc.), enabling us to obtain the highest quality of our herbal products, fulfilling the demands of our Partners.