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Innovation in production:
Our unique production process

To ensure the highest quality products, we have implemented an internal quality monitoring system. We take care of our product from the procurement of herbal raw materials, through processing, storage, to the final product.

Herbimar prepares products
according to the requirements and quality specifications of customers.

The quality of our products is monitored by our quality department and internal laboratory. As part of quality system management, we monitor:

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We control our production

We have an extensive machinery park from manufacturers such as Winicker & Lieber, Allgaier, Scorpion, and we also work with our own production solutions. We have 3 chambers with heat exchangers. Our production facilities enable us to offer the following services:

  • Cleansing
  • Fractionation
  • Mixing
  • Grinding
  • Packing
  • Fumigation using PH3 and CO2

Product quality as a competitive advantage: Our key success factors

To meet all expectations, we have implemented several quality management systems in our organization, such as GMP+, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP. We ensure that the verification of herbal raw materials takes place upon receipt, and we control the production stages and finished products. We are able to provide traceability for every finished product. We aim to meet customer expectations and ensure their complete satisfaction with our collaboration.

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Herbal Raw Material Purification: Minimizing Contaminants and Preserving Natural Properties

Thanks to several cleaning lines consisting of sieves, gravity tables, pneumatic tunnels, installations for reducing light impurities, and metal detectors, we significantly reduce mineral contaminants (sand, stones, soil clumps, metal impurities) and unwanted organic impurities in the final product (e.g., stems, root parts, seeds).

The Herbimar company offers its customers a rich selection of herbal raw materials. Depending on the final product fraction, we are able to prepare from 4 to 10 tons of chopped product per day, available in fractions such as:

not crushed

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extraction fraction

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